Your mom just called and asked you to get her one.

One-of-a-kind, by hand, for you (or whoever).

Wholepigeon herself at work on the official Wholepigeon sewing machine

our work

Here are some of the sweetest pieces I've done so far. Click your favorite to see more on Instagram, including actual humans wearing their items!

Shirt with embroidered phrase 'It's not going better but it's still going' A blue shirt embroidered with the phrase 'Too cool & you'll freeze' A white t-shirt on a hanger embroidered with the phrase 'Sunny Side Up' A collared shirt with embroidered phrase 'Not your hometown hero' The phrase 'Very Good' embroidered on a pair of pants A man wearing a black sweatshirt embroidered with the phrase 'Throw a dog a bone' is licked by a black and white dog

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Wholepigeon Logo made of thread